Electronic Syringe Pump -SP 105

* Various modes

* keyboard lock function

*Support two language

* USB port

* Various Alarm

\ Product Contents
Product Features

* History records

* Unique intelligent self-recognition technology of syringes
* KVO, Bolus and Anti-bolus
*Applicable for 5,10,20,30,50(60)ml syringes
*Compatible for various brands of syringes
* Various infusion modes to meet different clinical requirement
* Various visual and audible alarms
* Numeric keys design, easy to operate
* Large colorful LCD screen
* Real time display, ensure the infusion information to berecorded correctly
* 3 adjustable occlusion levels, dynamically display the pressure
* Night mode

\ Product Illustration
\ Product Specification

* Model:  SP-105

* Applicable syringe :5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml/60ml

* KVO rate: 0.1-5ml/h (intermittent mode), other modes 0.1ml/h

* Infusion rate and increment: 5ml syringe (0.1-150)ml/h  10ml syringe (0.1-300)ml/h  20ml syringe (0.1-600)ml/h

30ml syringe (0.1-900)ml/h 50ml/60ml syringe (0.1-1200)ml/h Minimum increment : 0.01ml/h

* Moes : Time mode, KVO mode, constant rate mode, intermittent mode,body weight mode,first dose mode,

gradient mode, sequential mode,intermittent mode

* Alarm:No operation, AC fail, Low battery,Syringe off Handle off,Clutch fault, Occlusion ending, Infusion finished       and motor fault.

* Power: ≤25VA

* Ingress protection Level :IP×4

* Dimensions (mm);295(L))×175(W)×160(H)

* Net weight :1.9kg

\ User Instructions


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