Digital Thermometer | MT-4737


● Mercury Free with graduated scale

● Jumbo LCD

● Accuracy: ±0.1℃((±0.2℉)

 Fever alarm

● Last reading memory
● Rigid tip

● Waterproof
● Low battery indicator
● Automatic Off
● Designed for oral, rectal, or axillary use

Sejoy Thermometers offer fast, safe and reliable temperature readings. An audible beep signals the completed measuring process once peak temperatures are reached. An automatic fever alarm sounds when temperature reaches 37.8100 or higher. The last measured reading is automatically stored in memory, allowing users to easily track their temperature levels. The practical automatic shut-off feature helps prolong battery life.

\ Product Contents

1 Thermometer

1 Owner’s manual

1 Storage case

1 Giftbox

\ Product Illustration
\ Product Specification
Digital Thermometer (Not predictive)


CE0197;FDA510(K); ISO13485;ROHS;REACH
35.5℃-42.0℃ (95.9-107.6
±0.1℃ during 35.5℃-42.0℃(±0.2℉,95.9-107.6
Fast read
℃/ switchable
Fever beeper
FeverLine indicator
LCD display
Liquid crystal display, graduated scale; size66x9mm
Battery type
One 1.5V battery type LR41,SR41or UCC 392
Battery life
Approx. 200 hours
Unit dimension
14.1×2.3×1.3cm(L x W x H)
Unit weight
Approx.17 grams (including battery)
1 PCs/Giftbox;10 Giftboxse/Inner Box; 30 Boxes/Carton
\ User Instructions

Press the On/Off  Button next to LCD display.  A tone will sound as the screen shows , followed by last recorded temperature.

After showing the self-test temperature, the thermometer is now in the testing mode.

*Note:  If the measured temperature is less than  35.5℃ or 96.0, the LCD will display "L" below the graduation lines without scale bar, if the measured temperature is higher than 42℃or 109.0, the LCD will display  all scales bar with "H" above.

Position thermometer in desired location (mouth, rectum, or armpit.)

a) Oral Use:  Place thermometer under tongue as indicated by“√”position .  Close your mouth and breathe evenly through the nose to prevent the measurement from being influenced by inhaled/exhaled air. Normal temperature between 35.7℃ and 37.3℃ (96.3and 99.1)

b) Rectal Use:  Lubricate silver probe tip with petroleum jelly for easy insertion.  Gently insert sensor approximately 1cm (less than 1/2 ") into rectum.  Normal temperature between 36.2℃ and 37.7℃ (97.2 and 99.9).

c) Armpit Use:  Wipe armpit dry.  Place probe in armpit and keep arm pressed firmly at side.  From a medical viewpoint, this method will always provide inaccurate readings, and should not be used if precise measurements are required. Normal temperature between 35.2℃ and 36.7℃ (95.4and 98.1).

The degree sign flashes throughout the testing process.  When flashing stops an alarm will sound a series of beeps.  The measured reading will appear on the LCD simultaneously. The minimum measurement time until the signaling tone (beep) must be maintained without exception. The measurement continues even after the buzzer notification. The displayed temperature will not change when thermometer is removed from its testing position.

To prolong battery life, press the On/Off  Button to turn unit off after testing is complete.  If no action is taken, the unit will automatically shut off after around10 minutes.

Store the thermometer in its protective case.



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