Hemoglobin | HB-101

1000 memory

Response time less than 15 seconds

Scale: g/dLg/Lmmol/L switchable

Blood sample only 10ul

\ Product Contents

1 HB Meter

1 Owner’s Manual

1 Storage Bag

3 AAA Batteries

1 Code Chip

Optional Accessory Parts:

Lancing Device


Test Strips

\ Product Illustration

\ Product Specification
 Hemoglobin System
Certification available
Blood Sample
 Capillary and venous whole blood 
Sample Volume
Measuring Time
 Less than 15 seconds 
Measuring Range
 switchable in g/dL,g/L,mmol/L
LCD display
Battery type
 3 AAA alkaline batteries 
Unit dimension
Unit weight
\ User Instructions

Fingertip blood sampling

Place the lancing device firmly against the side of fingertip. Press the release button. Gently squeeze your finger until you get a round drop of blood. For use with the Capillary Transfer Tube, hold the tube horizontally and touch the tip to the blood sample.



Put the code chip from strip package into the chip port of meter. Turn on the meter by press power button. Insert a test strip into the strip channel as the arrows indicated.



Apply approximately 10uL of blood to the middle of the Specimen Application Area of the test strip



HB results will be displayed within 15 seconds, with Hct value displayed at the bottom of the screen.




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