Electric Breast Pump | LD-213

2-Phase Expression Technology

Powerful motor, 10 suction level optional.Pump at your convenience

Soft and comfortable breastshield to fit snug against breast

Silent and discreet pumping

Easy to assemble, use and clean

Unique system for easy milk storage

Compact and lightweight

BPA free

\ Product Contents

1 Motor unit

1 Personal Fit 24mm breast shield

1 Breast shield connector (pump body)

1 Valve

     2 Membranes

     1 Tubing

  2 5oz (150mL) breast milk bottles

     2 Bottle lids

    1 Bottle stand

Instructions for use

Gift box
\ Product Illustration

\ Product Specification
Electric Breast Pump
Certification available
CE0197;FDA510(K); ISO13485

Stimulate mode:Approx. -60~-130mmHg;

Expression mode:Approx. -60~-250mmHg

Suction level
10 levels
Cycles Per Minute

Stimulate mode:109 C.P.M.;

Expression mode:40~75 C.P.M.

Breastshield Size

24mm (27mm optional)

Power Source

4 AA batteries or Medical AC Adapter(DC6.0V, 1000mA)

Additional Function

Automatic Power-Off;Automatic storage of the last vacuum level settings

Operating temperature range:

5℃~40℃(41℉~104℉), 15%~93%RH, non-condensing

Atmospheric Pressure:700hPa ~ 1060hPa

Storage and transport temperature range

-20℃~ 55℃ (-4℉~131℉), ≤93%RH, non-condensing

Atmospheric Pressure:800hPa ~ 1060hPa

129 x 129 x 55mm (L x W x H)
Approx. 265g(9.35oz)(excluding battery)
\ User Instructions

Relax in a comfortable chair (you may wish to use cushions to support your back)Press the assembled pump body against your breast. Make sure that your nipple is centered.Hold the breastshield onto your breast with your thumb and index finger. Support your breast with the palm of your hand.Press the power button,the breast pump automatically starts up in stimulation mode as per preset level and the stimulation indicator lights up. If the the breast bump used before without cut off power supply,the breast bump will express at last set suction level.

Once your milk starts flowing, please press the “Stimulation/Expression” button to enter into expression mode. You can switch the stimulation mode and expression mode by press the “Stimulation/Expression” button as per your requirement. If no action is taken during stimulation mode, after two minutes, the pump will automatically change to the expression mode.

Depending on your own personal comfort, you can press the “+” or “-” button to adjust the suction level. Long press the button can help you adjust the level quicker..

Close the bottle with a lid after pumping.Disassemble and clean the parts that contact breast and milk.


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