Infrared Forehead Thermometer DET306 FAQ


1) It is important to know each individual’s normal temperature when they are well. This is the only way to accurately diagnose a fever. To determine normal temperature, take multiple readings when healthy. Re-measure with a standard digital thermometer for confirmation. This thermometer displays an oral equivalent temperature reading. Oral readings are approximately 0.9°F (0.5 °C) lower than a rectal digital measurement. 

2) A difference of 1°F (.6°C) is normal. Body temperature can change throughout the day. 

3) Position the probe approximately 1 inch (2-3 cm) from center of the forehead.  

4) Make certain the thermometer is in FOREHEAD MODE. 

5) User and the thermometer should be in the same ambient temperature for at least 10 minutes before taking a reading. 

6) Always hold the thermometer and the forehead steady when taking a reading. Do not move the thermometer until you hear the beep. 

7) Patients should not drink, eat, or be physically active before/while taking the measurement. 

8) Remove hats and wait 10 minutes before taking a reading. 

9) Remove dirt or hair from the forehead before taking a measurement. Bangs may cause higher readings.  

10) Oil and cosmetics can cause lower measurements. 

11) Wait at least 10 minutes after cleaning/washing the forehead area before taking a reading. 

12) Always take the temperature exactly as directed. Temperature results may vary if positioned in the wrong location. 13) Temporal artery temperature changes faster than a temperature taken rectally, orally or under the arm. 

14) Consistently low temperature readings may be caused by a dirty lens. Use an alcohol swab or a cotton swab moistened with alcohol (70% isopropyl) to clean the thermometer casing and measuring probe. For the probe gently wipe the lens and let air dry. DO NOT use any other cleaning liquids or immerse the thermometer in water. Wait 10 minutes after cleaning to take temperature.